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Tube advert - for the best prices, always touch in and touch out. Apologies to Transport for London.

In London the Oyster smartcard ticket must be "touched" on a reader to open Underground station ticket barriers. For pre-pay Oyster cards, this is particularly important for calculation of the appropriate fare, so even if gates are open or non-existent (with there only being a small validator), then you must remember to "always touch out".

What on earth does mean?

If you use a browser that complies with modern standards (basically Mozilla, Firefox, Opera etc. - sorry, not Internet Explorer) then this symbol shows up next to any offsite links just to let you know that clicking on it will take you away from alwaystouchout, so you might like to open it in a new tab or window (because obviously I don't want you to leave this site!).

Feed me

We have two RSS feeds which you can use to keep track of news and site updates yourself, or syndicate on your own site (tell me if you do, using the contact form below). They are:

  • News feed
    This has a headline, summary and a link to an external news story.
  • Site update feed
    This lists projects in order of their modification, giving the short description associated with each project. Note that the modification could be to any part of the project, including its related projects or external links.
How do I use them?

If you use Firefox, you can add a feed as a Live Bookmark - it'll show up in your bookmarks as a folder which is updated with links to the items in the feed. To do that, click the orange icon in the bottom right of the window.

If you use the related Thunderbird email program, you can read news items and site updates like emails or newsgroup posts. There are instructions to set that up on Mozillazine.

If you use Yahoo then you can also set up My Yahoo to retrieve new items from RSS feeds so you have everything in one place.

There are also a number of independent programs that read these feeds. Fagan Finder explains what RSS is and suggests some programs for taking advantage of it.

What are these areas?

These are areas affected by a particular project. "London" refers to Greater London.

  • A: Londonwide
  • UK: Nationwide
  • O: Outside London
    (outside the GLA area, e.g. Epping)
  • C: Central London
    (generally means in ticket Zone 1)
  • N: North London
    (generally between the A1 to the west and the A10/Lea Valley to the east)
  • E: East London
    (generally east of the A10 and north of the river)
  • SE: Southeast London
    (generally south of the river and east of the A23)
  • SW: Southwest London
    (generally south of the river and west of the A23)
  • W: West London
    (generally north of the river and south of the A40 Western Avenue)
  • NW: Northwest London
    (generally between the A40 Western Avenue and the A1 in the east)

Contact details

You can contact me through the following form. I try to respond to everyone who contacts me. [list all projects | about | links of interest]