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Tube Covent Garden access improvements

Congestion will be relieved at Covent Garden by opening up the James St frontage of the station building so that five new ticket barriers can be built.

Congestion at Covent Garden station, a popular tourists destination, is currently so severe that the station is closed to entry between 1300 and 1700 every Saturday. Access between surface and platforms is currently only via a bank of heavily-used lifts. The small space between the lifts and the six exit gates causes congestion to build up, hampering exit from the station.

By removing the Bureau de Change which currently exists in the James St frontage to the station, it will be possible to move the gateline as far away from the lifts as possible. This will place the gates within sight line from the lifts, aiding passenger orientation, and will allow an extra five exit gates to be provided, increasing the number to eleven.

The step down from the station hall onto James St will be removed as part of these works.

Expanding the area between the lifts and ticket gates and adding new ticket gates will also improve the lift cycle time by decreasing egress times from the lifts - resulting in shorter waits for lifts at both the street and platform level.

A planning application was submitted to Westminster Council on 04 Nov 2004.


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