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DLR DLR to Dagenham Dock

An extension from Gallions Reach through the Barking Reach development site to Dagenham Dock station.

Barking Reach is the largest brownfield site in London at 150ha, and therefore a massive development of some 11,000 homes is planned for the Barking and Dagenham riverside area as part of the regeneration of the Thames Gateway.

East London Transit is planned to serve these developments; a 200m 6km extension to the DLR's Beckton branch is also under consideration (the two projects are complementary).

A high-density employment area is planned around Dagenham Dock station, currently served by c2c. This has therefore been selected as the destination for the DLR extension. Further extension might also be possible if new developments emerged further east.

Service pattern & stations

DLR services would run from Canning Town serving all stations to Gallions Reach, and then leave the existing Beckton branch to serve these new stations:

  • Beckton Riverside
    This would serve new developments in the vicinity of the Thames Gateway Bridge. It would be just off Armada Way, near to the eastern end of the Gallions Reach retail park. [Multimap]
  • Creekmouth
    This would be near the river to the south of River Road. [Multimap]
  • Barking Riverside
    This would be near the river to the southeast of Renwick Road. [Multimap]
  • Goresbrook
    This would be located centrally in development lands near the middle of Choats Road. [Multimap]
  • Dagenham Dock
    This would provide interchange with c2c services between London and Tilbury, and would serve the new commercial district planned here. [Multimap]

[see a map of the proposed routes]


Services would run every 6 minutes (10tph) in the peak and every 10 minutes off-peak (6tph). Half of these trains would run to Canning Town, and half would continue beyond Canning Town to Stratford International.

Journey times
From Barking Riverside toWith DLRWithout DLR
Dagenham Dock5 mins20 mins
Custom House for Crossrail16 mins35 mins
Canning Town19 mins40 mins
Stratford International28 mins50 mins

Interchange for services to Central London would be provided initially by the Jubilee Line at Canning Town (or via c2c at Dagenham Dock); shortly afterwards, the fastest route would be by interchange at Custom House with Crossrail, which would provide an enhanced flow of traffic for this DLR branch.

Interchange with East London Transit would be at Creekmouth, Barking Riverside and Dagenham Dock.


There were three possible routes which shared a common route between Creekmouth and Dagenham Dock, but differed between Gallions Reach and Creekmouth. The variations crossed the River Roding in different locations; the preferred route is now the southernmost route, which makes a more expensive tunnelled crossing at the mouth of the River Roding but provides the shortest route across it.

This route has now been safeguarded in the development proposals for the area.


No current news for this project.

Links & Sources

  1. DLR: Development Projects: Dagenham Dock Extension
  2. English Partnerships: Barking Reach development

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